Holy shit! Another yearly review is finally done. To date, this is the latest I’ve posted a year in review. The tumbleweed life has certainly been just that. I can’t believe Tim Ferriss does a condensed version of this shit every week. I’m still falling short of my goal of one blog post per month. But one of my mentors once told me, always be up to something. At the very least, I can damn sure guarantee that. And before any rigid standpats throw a spac about anything listed below, this is authentically me. I have no regrets. And I never will.

In a consistent effort to live my best fucking life, and to inspire you to live yours, here’s my 2021 in review. I set my mind to look for adventure wherever and whenever it may present itself. I seek to die with memories, not dreams. As usual, there’s a lot here, so feel free to skip around to the parts that interest you. And if I’ve listed anything that was previously documented, or anything that I personally endorse because I like it (not because I’m paid to), I’ve included the links. If you’re easily distracted like me, skim through the actual post first, and then go back and click the links that interest you. I’m continuing to experiment with categories. If you have any suggestions for categories, message me. Now let’s get after it.

In 2021 I read 13 books. I published 6 blog posts. I finished a California COVID assignment, and I spent time in Tennessee, Florida and Georgia as a travel nurse. As my interest in self discovery and exploration continues, I studied more philosophy and Zen. I walked through a Vegas casino with toilet paper on my shoe, and got kicked out of a bar on Fremont Street for smoking a cigar indoors. Oops. I surfed my biggest waves yet in Bocas del Toro, right outside of Paki Point. I vibed with the locals inside a Panamanian strip club (which was worlds different than an American strip club). I kissed a stranger on a Sunday night at Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N’ Roll Steakhouse in Nashville. I didn’t get kicked off any dating apps with no explanations (see my 2020 review). I tripped on the Fourth of July. I completed 210 workouts. I meditated. I contemplated. I spread as much good mojo and as many positive vibes as I spirit would conjure. And I tried above anything else to leave at least a touch of positive energy to every single soul with whom I connected.

Special thanks to Chris for being my California road brother; to Suzanne and Thomas for reuniting with me in Florida; and to Eric, Scott and Ross for an amazing Nashville experience.

Fun Fact

While waiting for my departing flight at Nashville International Airport, I was nursing a decent hangover in a recessed seating area. I had the insatiable urge to pee from the gallons of water I had pounded. There was a restroom right across the walking area, so I left my backpack and carry on, and quickly popped into the restroom. I was gone maybe four minutes. When I returned, a two man security team with a drug dog had appeared. I took my seat, and they made their way around the seating area to me and my belongings, where the large pooch proceeded to sniff me and all my shit, spending some extra time around my boonga bits, leaving a delicious trail of slobber around my groin. Amused, I returned to the book I was reading. Less than ten minutes later, I gazed out the window and down onto the tarmac to see the same drug dog and and pair of agents poking around a pile of suitcases, when of a sudden, I felt ANOTHER wet snout thrusting into my gospel pipe. I looked down to see a SECOND dog poking around my area. And yes, ten minutes later this happened a THIRD time with a DIFFERENT team. At this point I considered it comical and asked if I could pet the dog. The agent replied, “Nah. He’s working.”

Special thanks to Mr. Nom Nom, Harry Spotter and King Kokslobber for the unwelcome fellatio.

Consumed A Lot Of

Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder

This continues to be a staple in my post-workout recovery regimen. It’s clean, digests quickly and is easy on the guts.

Special thanks to Tim Ferriss for the recommendation.

Books Read

Breath; Elon Musk; The Graveyard Book; Vagabonding; The Boy, The Mole, The Fox And The Horse; Modern Romance; Stories From My Life (my mother’s biography); Polyamory; The Screwtape Letters; Enter The Kettlebell; What Doesn’t Kill Us; The Isaiah Effect; The Game.

Favorite Media Post

3 Rules That Will Immediately Change Your Life by Joe Rogan

I came across this video early in 2021. It’s concise. It’s simple. And it’s not sugar coated.

Favorite Purchase

First Tactical Specialist Half-Day Backpack 25L

I take care of my shit. I really do. But the rigors of an active lifestyle have pulverized more than a few backpacks in my life. I need tough, I need portable, and I need pockets for organization. This is it. $110 on Amazon. And if you run out of internal room, there are over a dozen storage loops for hanging shit. And I’m pretty sure you could run over this bad boy with a Panzer tank with nary a scratch noted. Bonus points for amount of real estate available for stickers and decor (see pic).

Favorite Rental Car

2021 Ford Mustang Convertible.

A little cramped on room, but fun as hell to drive.

Something I Tried For The First Time

Bull In A China Shop

I’ve never tasted liquid fire before until I tried the “Bull In A China Shop” at The Gin Joint in Charleston, SC. Holy. Fuck.

Special thanks to Serena for the suggestion, and to Caryn for continuing to periodically share my crazy shenanigans.

Something New I Learned

In Panama we learned how to make damn good coffee with a French press coffee maker. Before Panama I had seen French press coffee makers, but didn’t know what the hell they were. And in Costa Rica, from a wonderful Italian family who owned a small outdoor cafe, we learned you can repel common houseflies by pouring about a cup of ground coffee into a bowl and lighting it. The light smoke drove the flies away in minutes.

Special thanks to my favorite travel buddy, MK, for always saying “yes” to the next adventure.

Most Memorable Travel Destination

Samara, Costa Rica

Samara, Costa Rica will always hold a special place in my heart for reviving my love for surfing, after about two years of frustration and almost giving it up altogether. It’s a delightful little surf town with friendly locals, several dive bars and amazing waves for surfers of every level. It’s also the place where I heard the glorious sound of live music for the first time since the COVID shutdowns.

Special thanks to Kate at Pato’s Surf School and Sarah for the AirBnb.

Most Thrilling Experience

Most Meditative Experience

The Fourth Of July

One day, I may tell you of my psychedelic spiritual pilgrimage on Independence Day, 2021. One day.

Special thanks to Syd.

Biggest Injury or Illness

Bona fide direct COVID exposure.

Again, I’m convinced that cold water exposure and the Wim Hof deliberate hyperventilation breathing method kept me symptom free.

Hardest I Laughed

Yes, poo, pee, snot and slobber will always be funny to me. On a road trip to Arizona, my teenage son, Cullen, tried to convince us that he could queef on demand. And for the record, I do recognize that this is technically anatomically impossible for him. However, there’s not a word to my knowledge that describes the deliberate pulling of air into the anus to mimic the sound of flatulence, so “queef” is the closest suitable title. And if you don’t know what a queef is, I’ll just leave this plug for Urban Dictionary right here. My daughter Emerson tried her damndest to be disgusted, but even she cracked as we cry laughed at Cullen’s noble but futile efforts.

Special thanks to my dear Emerson and Cullen.

Best Day (1.5 days if we’re being technical)

36 hours in Vegas with 4 hours sleep.

I mean, is there any other way to do Vegas?

Worst Day

Special thanks to mom, daddy and Iron Man.

Something I Pondered A Lot

The Blessings And Curses Of Societal Norms

I started this contemplation with the post below, which I composed in 2020. But it became one of my continued contemplations throughout 2021. The societal norm is a substantial force, and I continue to make deliberate efforts to go against it, whenever it contradicts my personal convictions.

Most Valuable Lesson

You only lose what you cling to.

This is a paraphrase of a Buddhist principle which continues to show up in my life. In most situations, there appears to be a direct correlation between my degree of happiness and how much I cling to an end result or expectation. The more I have explored this, the more I have realized how much I unwittingly attach myself to expectations, and how much I suffer when they aren’t met. The lesson? Work on exploring possibilities as opposed to expectations. And work on letting shit go.

Special thanks to Tom, one of my very favorite mentors. I’m glad you’re back from the dead.

How my 2020 goals measured up.

Read a book a month. Pass.
Post at least one blog post a month on Not even close.
Travel domestically at least once. Pass.
Travel internationally at least once. Pass.
Post all three of my original music albums and finish and post my latest album release. Still in progress.
Take another swing at erasing all debt with the exception of my one remaining student loan. Well, I added a car loan, so nope. To be continued…
Find a surfing instructor. Pass.
Start using the Babbel language app at least three times per week (for Spanish). Nope.

What I commit to accomplishing in 2022.

  • Read a book a month.
  • Post at least one blog post a month on
  • Travel domestically at least once.
  • Travel internationally at least once.
  • Fucking Mardi Gras!!! Botched twice because of that bastard COVID. NOT THIS TIME!!!
  • Post all three of my original albums and finish my newest release.
  • Start using the Babbel language app at least three times per week (for Spanish).

Life is yours to create. Be brave. Be crazy. And create it.



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