This blog is designed to inspire and to provoke thought. It is intended to be a signpost to a space of possibility in a world plagued by impossible notions. In writing, I will keep the following in mind as a general guideline:

1. To create an awareness of why you see the world as you do, of why you think the thoughts you think, and of the origin of your beliefs about life in general.

2. To use this mental awareness as a basis for discovery, considering that when you possess such an awareness of your own thought processes, you also possess the potential to change those thought processes, and in doing so, to create new possibilities within your own life that you previously considered impossible.

3. To inspire others to transcend their own impossibilities, resulting in a collective shift of mentality within different communities, and subsequently within different cities, states, countries, and the world. This personal and global shift is completely within the realm of possibility, despite what the past has taught you.

Welcome to The Impossibility Movement.


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