My name is Tripp. I am the father of two amazing children, who live with their mother about four states away. I have an extraordinary relationship with their mother, my ex-wife, and her husband. I also have an extraordinary relationship with my ex-fiance. We are all a united representation of love, forgiveness, and the happiness of ourselves and of our children.

I am a registered nurse and trauma nurse leader within a metropolitan medical facility. My co-workers are a diverse and wonderful group. My job affords me the distinct and welcomed privilege of accompanying my fellow human beings through some of the most trying times of their lives.

I am a lifelong musician and in 2014, chose to take another shot at a successful music career after a years-long music hiatus. I am the dead risen. I am dusting off the piano, restringing the guitar, warming up the pipes, and laying to waste the cold dream robbers of yesterday.

I have personally experienced a miraculous shift from a loathing and questioning of life to a passionate love and adoration of it, and I am committed to causing that shift within the lives of those around me.


5 thoughts

  1. I have quickly come to respect you as a nurse and now admire you even more as a parent. We are blessed with our children and they should always be first in our lives.

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