Life As I Know It

It’s imperative that you know that I was not always this way. I am not a naturally hopeful, or happy, or content person. By design, I’m wired to run at the first sign of adversity, to dream big and live small, and to scoff at the very notion that life could be anything other than burdensome survival. Around 2011, while dancing in the vicinity of suicide, I experienced an awakening.

Presently, life for me is an ongoing effort to remain in a state of present awareness, to the point that every thought and action is by choice, not reaction. I believe that from this state of awareness, new possibilities are born, so that we recognize (and discard) anything which restrains us from freely creating a life that we absolutely, positively, unquestionably love.

It’s not an easy path to follow sometimes. Then again, no great transformation has come without adversity.

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