Birthday Week Random Post Tuesday: An Impromptu Jam Session, Courtesy of Beefeater London Gin

As I recently posted on social media, in an effort to honor a commitment I made in My 2021 Year In Review, this post is part of a 2022 birthday week movement to post something once daily this week on my blog, The Impossibility Movement

I sat down this evening to start my Tuesday post and, as I sometimes do, began to ruminate over guitar strums, when I became quite distracted by both the recording sound quality of my AirPods, and the video quality of my iPhone. For minimal equipment, itโ€™s not half bad. I felt like a punk kid recording albums again, and I started to have quite the jolly time. So tonight’s post diverted from the original “Description Of Manifestations” to “Fuck It. Let’s Jam.” Please enjoy the subsequent two originals and one cover.

Here’s an original song about wanting someone back after a breakup.
And here’s an original song about contemplating suicide.
And here’s my favorite cover song ever.

Cheers. ๐Ÿ™‚

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