Tripp’s 2022 In Review

In last year’s review, I wrote:

Holy shit! Another yearly review is finally done. To date, this is the latest I’ve posted a year in review. 

And I posted last year’s review on January 25, 2022. Every damn year in September, I have weekly programmed iPhone reminders to “Stay On Top Of 20xx Review!” And every damn year I snooze those reminders into the new year. Clearly I need to reassess my relationship to deadlines. Well, better late than never. Let’s get after it.

In this world of technology and instant gratification, human attention is a commodity that is in ever increasing demand, and in ever decreasing supply. What I mean to say is there’s a lot here, so skip around to whatever interests you. Now, without further ado, below you’ll find my 2022 in review, posted as an illustration of my quest to live my best fucking life, with all hopes that you, dear reader, will be inspired to do the same.

2022 was a year of substantial spiritual and personal growth. For whatever reason, virgin experiences in the loss of human connection and close friendship were prominent in 2022, albeit not because of my lack of communication. Perhaps the most difficult of all was Zanne, with whom I have shared several years of unique friendship, conversations and memories. In 2022, without reason, she severed all communication. Equally as challenging was, for reasons unknown, the complete disengagement of the only person I’ve ever referred to as my “ride or die,” after seven years of regular checkins and road trips. Pity me not, dear reader. Human connection is a funny thing, and I suspect I have much yet to learn in the ways of attachment, and in the allowance of relationships to run their course naturally, as do the changing of seasons.

In other news, I was involved in two significant accidents, which incidentally reminded me of why I opened an accident insurance policy last year, on account of my generally rambunctious lifestyle, and of the occasional questionable shenanigans I find myself participating in. And among other things, I learned some valuable lessons in persevering through hardship; dealing with setbacks; being ghosted; inspecting my self worth (and subsequently, my self respect); the immense benefits of a zero bullshit policy; and that seeking enlightenment can become a damned counterintuitive obsession.

Consumed A Lot Of: Water

In 2022 I did a reassessment of my daily water intake, which apparently has been largely misunderstood for the last few decades in modern medicine. I have begun to employ the (Dr. Andy) Galpin Formula, as was put on my radar by Dr. Andrew Huberman. Both of these physicians can be found on multiple media outlets, and are doing wonderful and altruistic things in the world of research and medicine.

Honorable Mention: Lunazul Tequila

Lunazul has begun to give Malibu Black some competition as my favorite beach and weekend drink. 

Biggest Accomplishment: Four Wheel Drive

I know it’s not much to my southern homies, but I finally got to take a 4WD legit off-road. I’ve been chasing that damn dragon for about four years now, always finding myself behind the wheel of a 4WD rental, inside the confines of a suburban jungle, with nary a mountain or mud pit in sight. But on New Year’s Eve, I finally made it happen with a Jeep Wrangler and about a million gallons of sweet Georgia mud in the bowels of the Chattahoochee Mountains.

Thank you, Damien, for illustrating the kindness of strangers by towing my stuck ass out of my last good trail ride.

Books Read

Awareness; The Four Agreements; Trejo; Power Vs. Force; The Culture Code; The Life And Times Of The Thunderbolt Kid; The Pickup Artist; The Greatest Survival Stories Of All Time; The Happiness Hypothesis; Dare To Care; ¡Hola Papi!; The Gifts Of Imperfection

Most Impactful Media Post: 27 Reasons Not To Give A Fuck

A quick and dirty power-up if you’ve been struggling with feeling like a little bitch.

Favorite Purchase Under $100: TSA Precheck

TSA Precheck has paid for itself multiple times over by significantly reducing my time waiting in line, and moving light speeds faster through airport security. If you fly regularly, I highly recommend it.

Something I Tried For The First Time: Airport Bedding

If you fly a lot, you are inevitably going to run into times where you layover at different airports for hours. Airport bedding is a fairly new concept (usually only available in larger international airports) where you can rent a small private room, toss down your luggage and have a nap. The pull-out sofa might not have met the standards for Henry VIII’s hairy bare ass, but it damn sure beats sleeping on the floor, or in a terminal chair.  Those godawful things remind me of being eight years old trying to snooze in a church pew. There have been a few times when I was super sleep deprived, and one of these rooms saved my sanity by giving me a few precious preflight snooze hours. 

Something New I Learned: How To Spot A Future Ghost

Incidentally, this does not apply to the aforementioned friends in the intro.

If she has commitment issues, or struggles with emotional availability, she is highly likely to cheat on you, or to ghost you. I’ve found that this type of person is very attached to the identity of emotional distance; it makes her feel special, unique. It’s familiar, or what I’ve come to affectionately refer to as “toxically comfortable.” In other words, at the end of the day, until she’s ready to face some deep shit and dark demons in exchange for her emotional liberation, bet your holy sky rockets that she’ll choose either solitude, or the next in a long line of lovers, every goddamn time. I don’t care how flamingly connected you think you are. I don’t care how deeply she gazes into your dilated peepers and tells you she’ll never leave you. If she stays guarded, or if there are gaps in her availability, don’t be surprised when she vanishes into the night.

And do yourself a favor, dear friend. Don’t call her, don’t text her, and for damn sure don’t show up at her door. These actions are nothing more than delicious and orgasmic rewards for her selfish vanity. Your attention in any form is like heroin to her, and she does not possess the empathy to comprehend the pain she inflicts on anyone. If you truly wish to repair your stung innards, move forward as if she never existed. Because let’s face it. She didn’t.

Thank you, Ms. H, for the ultimate lesson and final nail in this coffin. If I could time travel into the nineties, I might say, “And here’s your Dirty Heads mixtape back.” But alas, in the era of digital music, I somehow think the effect would be way less dramatic.

Favorite International Destination: Amsterdam

My best travel buddy MK and I traveled to Europe for the first time, and we’ll definitely be going back. Thus far, this was the most severe jet lag I’ve ever experienced. To boot, in winter when we visited, precious daylight only exists for around 6-7 hours per day. For seven days my melatonin reluctantly played a cruel game of “Red Light, Green Light.” But the first European experience was entirely worth it. Almost every person we encountered was loving, accepting, and chill, whether at noon or after midnight. And I’ve never heard so many languages spoken in unison as I did in Amsterdam: Spanish, French, English, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, German, Czech, Russian and more. Additionally, if you thought Americans went crazy for football in the US, you definitely haven’t experienced the unleashed frenzy of The World Cup in Europe. Holy. Shitballs. I have no words.

Side Note: If you want a truly unique housing experience with an eclectic blend of European locals and vagabonds from all over the world, consider St. Christopher’s Inn at The Winston in the heart of the Red Light District. We liked it so much we’ll probably do a (rare) repeat visit.

Thank you, MK, for your unique and undying commitment to adventure, when all others forsake their own desires.

Favorite Domestic Destination: Mardi Gras in New Orleans

This was quite possibly the most wonderful party in which I’ve ever participated. New Orleans itself is a captivating city with some inexplicable history and charm. Every single corner of the French Quarter has live swing or jazz blaring from its doors at most times of the day and night. And there was this extraordinary mixture of humans from all walks of life, just getting along in unity. Add that to the vibrant colors and historical festivities of Mardi Gras, and you’ve simply got a magical celebration.

Thank you to the Sparrows for your equally passionate fervor for life and travel.

Most Meditative Experience: Five-Hour Hike Through Valley of Fire State Park

Just. Timeless.

Honorable Mention: 4th of July Fireworks

A dear friend and neighbor, Christy, and I embarked on a beach walk on July 4. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Save your money on Independence Day. Get to the beach early, park your ass in the sand, and have a few drinks. After sunset, a hundred drunk rednecks will give you ten times the entertainment than the city center ever will. You’ll have VIP seating to the most brilliant fireworks and the most authentic entertainment. Christy and I sat mesmerized for hours underneath the fiery sky of Independence Day at North Myrtle Beach, SC. Of note, we were so enthralled with the experience that there weren’t many pictures that evening. I personally think this is one of the signs of a memorable night.

Thank you, Christy, for being so much more than a neighbor and friend.

Biggest Injury, Illness or Mishap: Toss-Up

Last year was a toss-up between a major car collision that turned my truck into an accordion, and an obliterated rotator cuff. Both experiences taught me many valuable lessons. But I’d say the car crash takes the victory by a nose for deepest contemplations related to an accident, only on account of the question of mortality involved. Let’s be honest, most anything that brings you into the vicinity of death will make you take a look at your own mortality.

Favorite Restaurant: Sea Wolf, Tybee Island

If you’re ever in Tybee Island, make it a point to visit Sea Wolf. I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s just something magical about the beach bum vibe combined with the comfort of home. The staff is wonderful, the food is amazing, and the vibe is conjuring.

Most Memorable Experience Related To Work Travel: Savannah, Georgia

Whilst in Savannah, on a work contract, my sister and her husband found a way to come visit for the weekend. I love them dearly, and soaked up the rare moments that were spent with them.

Thank you, Darcy and Grady, for being our family.

Honorable Mention: St. Patrick’s Day, Savannah

A group reunion in Savannah, Georgia for St. Patrick’s Day!

Special thanks to Darcy, Grady, MK, Jane, Katie, and Hannah for visiting. And extra special thanks to Liz, Martin, Rene, Belinda, Tyler and Eric for the eternal memories made in Savannah. To date it was my very favorite work assignment.

Most Meaningful Conversation: Tom

The first conversation I had with one of my deepest friends and mentors, Thomas Kephart, after his second diagnosis with COVID. We started our respective journeys to enlightenment in similar time frames, and had the cosmically timed chance of meeting, working as trauma nurses around December of 2016. We began a deep friendship, and he would become one of my closest friends, AND one of the most influential people in my life. In December of 2021, he was diagnosed for the second time with COVID, and was subsequently intubated. For those non-medical readers, that’s when they sedate you, insert a tube down your throat, and connect you to a machine that breathes for you, because you can’t breathe for yourself. Those of us in the nursing world understand that after several days of dependence on a machine for your respirations, your chances of survival diminish significantly each subsequent day. I had long accepted the possibility that he might pass away, but Tom miraculously survived over four weeks of intubation, and texted me shortly after. Several weeks later, I would shed tears of joy at the sound of his raspy post-intubated voice for the first time in several months. Also, Tom is an elusive character whose realism I sometimes speculate. His photo cannot be captured by mere mortals.

Thank you, Thomas K., forever my brother and mentor.

Something I Pondered A Lot: The Origin Of Perception

How much of what I think and believe originated from within me, and how much of it originated from the world around me?

Most Valuable Lesson

It’s not my job to save anybody, especially when it comes at my own emotional expense. This has been a lifelong lesson in the making. When you care deeply for humanity and impacting human lives, you will have a tendency to attract people seeking clarity. And that’s okay. But over the years, I have begun to practice identifying those who seek real change, and are willing to put in the work to obtain it; and those who will use your positive energy like a drug, until they either drown you, or until you get the fuck out of the water.

True Photo Dump

2022 had many, many more experiences that I could not possibly fit into any category, but were nonetheless cherished and memorable. This year’s photo review was a very vivid and personal reminder of what a beautiful, wonderful and glorious thing life truly is. If you’re reading this, I wish with my whole heart and soul that you, dear reader, discover, acknowledge and live your own beautiful and unique life.

Positive vibes and good mojo, my dear friends. May you be happy, whoever and wherever you are.


Because there are dreams yet to be dreamed, and stories yet to be told…


What I commit to accomplishing in 2023.

Full disclosure: I’m taking a little break from lofty goals this year in an effort to focus on life as it comes. I have several creative projects that have been floating around in my brain, thirsting for an outlet for release. I’m placing my blog on the back burner this year whilst I tease out my creative wild oats. Stay tuned for next year’s review. I will promise you that.

  • Read a book a month.
  • Travel domestically at least once.
  • Travel internationally at least once.
  • Finish my fourth studio album (find Tripp Powell & Co. on any media outlet) OR take a chunk out of the autobiography that’s been burning a hole in my brain? Stay tuned.
  • Post 2023’s year in review.



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