The Vagabond RN, Entry 4: Hurricane Dorian Impact

Damn Siri woke me up like once an hour to scream out weather alerts. There’s a hurricane! It’s raining! Tornado watch! End tornado watch! You have to pee! Thanks a pantload for the updates!

But this morning I found something for which to be grateful. As luck would have it, in preparation for the coming flood, I got a rare chance to practice walking on water when the bathroom flooded due to a faulty drain pipe. By the end of my shower I’d mastered the art, and I thought I’d show some fellow staff members by gliding out, straight Jesus style. Turns out they weren’t impressed for shit. Apparently a lone floating unwrapped Snickers bar is way more disconcerting than defying the laws of gravity.

Anyway, today was Impact Day. Some moderate rain and gusts of wind this morning. As the day progressed, the gusts got more powerful and the rain heavier.93B47E5A-B485-44BB-B35E-0B623809B8AF

All us hospital campers lined up in the cafeteria at mealtimes. It hits me right in the feels to see the faces of the selfless staff who give of their time and sleep to serve the lives of others. So much love and respect.

I slid out and made another run to the beach this evening. Every road and highway was covered with debris. I found a discreet place to park and walked the beach entrance to check it out. I still had my scrubs on with a rain jacket. Within three minutes of exiting the car, I was saturated from the waist to the toes, right down to my Star Wars Underoos. My sunshine and biscuits were not happy. It’s not that the rain was super heavy. The harsh wind just blows it into you like a pressure washer. And damn, does it sting your face when it hits you. And you can’t discern which the way the wind’s blowing.


Driving around town, you notice what’s so devastating about a hurricane. It’s this long, slow, relentless wind and rain, battering every structure from every direction, for hours upon hours, if not days. A stop sign can take a strong gust of wind. But let the wind hammer it for twelve hours straight, and it’ll fall like a tased streaker on a football field.

On the way back to China Dragon for some chicken lo mein, I passed a cop in the oncoming lane, blocking the highway. In front of him was a fallen telephone pole, straight across two lanes. You gotta each your Wheaties to blow down a fucking telephone poll. That’s some serious force.

Interesting Observation

Coming back in the side entrance of the hospital, the wind was blowing like a bastard, and I damn near stuck my leg in a drain pipe and donated my lo mein to the Horry County sewage system . I’ve never felt wind like that in my life, wind that legitimately stopped me in my tracks.

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