The Vagabond RN, Entry 2: Hurricane Dorian Preparation

Weird drive going into Myrtle Beach. Campers and U-Hauls and various snowbirds were leaving the area today faster than Fox News from anything factual. I’ve experienced a shitload of tornado warnings, and lived through one, but I’m driving into my first hurricane experience ever.D70AE4CB-0CCE-4141-BC78-F353D9D5DB32

Recently I agreed to keep this week’s nursing assignment despite the order to evacuate. A handful of hospital staff are slated to buckle down and care for critical patients and emergencies, and I’m honored to contribute, plus I’m always up for an adventure.

So far the greatest challenge has been staying commando and packing in a way that I can keep everything on me at all times, in case the hotel evacuates and I have to stay at the hospital. I’ve slept in many a hospital bed as a patient (see my Poop And Love entries). Sleeping in a hospital bed in good health seems foreign.

I found a nearby Chinese restaurant that’s going to weather the storm. Lunch and dinner: check. And I’m stocked up on supplies. Wait, come to think of it, I forgot booze. Well, son of a bitch.

Interesting Observation:

There are a lot of different philosophies about the oncoming storm. Family Dollar is over here like “OK, fuck this y’all. I’m out.” Meanwhile every commercial beach store on every corner, with enough storefront glass to make solar panels to power the entire city, is lit up and open for business, which seems a little confident, if not a tad cocky. 8345F838-BF51-42BE-9138-66DF360C3C93

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